We're One Picture

What's in a name? in our case, it's everything.

One Picture began life in 2001, born from a desire to get clients closer to their customers’ needs. Chasing actionable insights and driving change that matters is what gets us up in the morning.

Our name derives from the belief that successful businesses do the big and small things well, yet both require a dash of creativity.

Inspiration. Innovation. Immersion. These are our founding values and we bring them to life in everything we do.

What do we do?

Firstly we’d just like to say thanks for joining our panel – you are now part of a growing community working together to improve your favourite products and services. We conduct paid research in two main areas; face to face and online surveys. You can choose to opt-out of either and are free to change this at any time.

Face to face:

These are usually held in the form of focus groups, one on one interviews, taste testings and workshops and we will contact you when a project comes up that suits your profile. As a thank you for your time and ideas, we usually offer an incentive of cash or gift cards at the end of each session but this can differ for each project.

Online Surveys:

Each time there is a new survey available for you to take we will send you an email invitation. Sometimes we will receive enough responses in a day or two so it’s best to complete these as soon as you can! Completing surveys will earn you points which you can redeem for Prezzy Cards through the One Picture Neighbourhood.

To ensure you don’t miss out on any opportunities, it’s a good idea to add hello@onepictureneighbourhood.com.au as a trusted sender!

Thanks again from all of the One Pic team – and we look forward to meeting you soon!